Incline sifter

by Gardener Ed
(North Florida)

The box sifter is great for small quantities of compost. However it requires a lot of work. Here's a suggestion for something in between a box type sifter and a rotary trammel.

Take a 24 to 30 inch wide 1/2 inch mesh piece of welded wire hardware cloth that is about 6 - 8 feet long. Nail or staple it to a 2x4 frame. Set one end against a tree, post, or compost pile frame and the other on the ground. Simply shovel a small amount of the coarse compost onto the screen and bounce the screen with the flat side of the shovel to get it to flow down the screen. No shaking or jerking necessary. If the compost on the drier side, it may even sift itself. if you wish to make collection and handling easier, place a tarp underneath to catch the siftings.

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Sep 23, 2011
What a Great Idea!
by: Compost Junkie Dave

What a Great Idea Gardener Ed!

We're definitely going to try this one. Also, we'd love to see this sifter in action. Any chance you can take a short video and send it to us? We'll upload it onto the site and ensure all the credit goes to you.

Keep sharing those wonderful ideas! That's what our compost junkie tribe is all about...along with an ever-growing compost fetish. :)

Happy compost sifting everyone!


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