Indoor Composting in an Apartment

by Ali

I recently moved to an apartment block in a city with no outdoor land/space. There's no communal process for composting, just for recycling. Are there any indoor composting solutions which recycle waste but don't leave me with compost as the end result?

I have looked at the Bokashi system but this produces compost and a liquid fertilizer. I'm in a small place for half the week so am not growing anything indoors here to warrant needing compost.

Any ideas or help will be gladly received.


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Jan 11, 2012
If not compost than what?
by: Compost Junkie Dave

Hi Ali,

Thanks for growing our Tribe in the UK. We love our International members.

Regarding your are looking for a composting solution that doesn't produce compost, correct? I have to ask you this...if it doesn't leave you with compost, what are you hoping it would leave you with? Nothing?

Maybe I didn't understand the question correctly; however, if I did, you seem to be questioning the Law of Conservation of Mass. That is...matter cannot be created nor destroyed - "nothing can pass away into nothing".

Why not try composting worms? A functioning worm bin would suit your needs perfectly, aside from the creation of compost, but couldn't you give that away to your neighbors? That's a sign of a wonderful neighbor isn't it? Heck, if my neighbor gave me free vermicompost, I'd take it all and cook them dinner in return. A worm bin requires very little maintenance, so it doesn't matter that you are only in the apartment for a couple days a week. Although it's not ideal, a worm bin can be left unattended for months. Check out our posts about this very topic here.

On the neighborly note, maybe one of your neighbors is already composting indoors and you can share your food scraps with them.

Please get back to us on this Ali.

If anyone else has any other suggestions, please comment below.

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