What kind of bug is this?

by Chicainco

Hi Compost Junkies!

I have a small compost bin on my balcony. Since I started the bin about a month ago, I have seen these bugs running through the compost. There isn't a huge infestation of them. When I take the bin top off, I have seen a few of them on top of the newspaper I have on top of the compost to keep the fruit flies down, and as soon as the light hits them they run for cover.

It seems to be two bugs connected at the ends (you can see in the picture that it seems to have two heads and two bodies), and it is able to run in opposite directions without turning its body. It has wings but I have not ever seen it fly. This is a picture of the bottom side of one (I caught one in a small clear container). I can't take a picture of the top of it because it is too fast, and only stopped running when it worked itself into a groove on the lid of the container in which I contained it.

I would appreciate it so much if someone could tell me what it is, and if it should be in my compost.

Thank you so much!

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Jun 25, 2015
beetles in the worm bin
by: Anonymous

Hundreds or more in my worm bin they stay there happily until I harvest and then they fly all over the place and burrow my cats hair. Their flight is reminesent of a lady bug but they go for nose mouth and ears
Did anyone ever figure out what they are?

Jul 26, 2013
Common Problem
by: Anonymous


I'm finding the same bugs in (and around) my compost bin. Did you ever find an answer to your question about what these are?

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